Friday, October 4, 2013


Reading has been slow going for me this past week, for two reasons.

First, interruptions to my routine have been numerous, and my usual times for reading have been abbreviated. Nothing troublesome, it's just that some weeks are like that.

Second, I am in the midst of reading a bound manuscript of Greg Iles' novel, Natchez Burning. I find bound manuscripts uncomfortable to read. Literally. The binding is hard, unforgiving plastic, and the sweet spot I can generally achieve with my body curled on the sofa with a book laid open across my left forearm (to maximize gentle turns of the page with my right hand) is impossible to achieve. In the past, I have quit reading bound manuscripts for this reason. If reading is a chore, well, life's too short for that.

Short and sweet: Natchez Burning is, thus far, worth putting up with the challenges. Well worth it.

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