Saturday, August 3, 2013

Once again, with feeling.

Here’s the short version:

I had a book/bookselling blog once. Had to take it down, thanks to a writer who took exception to a lukewarm review and made life difficult for me at work.*  I migrated to Goodreads, but Amazon has taken it over, and I’d just as soon not help them sell books. My reviews have been known to cause stampedes, you understand.

But… by popular request (thank you, Q) I am resurrecting the Surly Bookseller and remaining quasi-anonymous. I won’t publicize this place, but if you find it useful, I hope you will spread the word.

I am not a book snob. I like books, that’s all. I have loved some pretty awful ones (Bridges of Madison County) and couldn’t finish some that the critics raved about because they were so damned earnest. You’ll know when I don’t like a book, but I hope any writers who stumble on this space will keep in mind that my sphere of influence is only a large one when I’m having a Walter Mitty kind of day.

This won’t just be reviews, though. I intend to entertain you occasionally with a true story from the world of bookselling. It is mostly a whole lot of fun, and my customers keep it interesting.

What you won’t find here, by the way, are longwinded recaps of a book’s plot. They pay people big bucks to write those, and if what I say about a book doesn’t tell you everything you want to know, I hope it will interest you enough to do some research at your favorite bookseller. You know, the ones made of bricks and mortar, who contribute to the tax base in your city.

So, we ready to do this — again?

* Coincidentally, this author, who had been the darling of the publishing world, saw their sales for the book I lukewarmly reviewed plummet, and while they have continued to publish, they have never enjoyed sales to rival their books about which I had been enthusiastic. Just a footnote. 


  1. Thanks to the above for pointing it out, I'm thrilled, too! :)