Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Turning Back Time -- Never Tell a Lie

Turning Back Time makes use of some of my old Goodreads reviews of books that may or may not still be available. It will appear every Tuesday, excepting those Tuesdays when I have something better to do.

I posted this review in November of 2008.  I gave it one star, but I recall that's because I was having a glass of wine and a piece of fine chocolate at the time, and everything improves under those conditions.  

Never Tell a LieYou know how, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you can find yourself trapped in a Lifetime Movie marathon vortex? There's always a woman in peril, and the story always ends with police cars, parked askew in the middle of an otherwise ordinary suburban street, their lights flashing as the camera pans back and the closing credits roll? You sit on the sofa and can't figure out why you are watching horrible actors reading dreadful scripts, but you can't tear yourself away. 

Reading this book was sort of like that. At some point I was only reading every third paragraph because it was so awful, but I still wanted to find out how the book ended.

Plot summary: Happy Couple who Has It All has a yard sale at which a creepy woman appears who was their high-school classmate -- the one nobody liked and everybody thought was weird. Yea, well, obviously they had her pegged correctly back then.

She disappears, is presumed murdered, and the Husband Who Had It All is accused of her murder by the Dunderhead Police Department, mainly, I think, because all other possible suspects knew how horrible this was going to be and they jumped into other novels.

Wife Who Had It All is very pregnant, by the way, and of course while her husband languishes in a holding cell, things come to an expected and idiotic head. Never Tell a Lie by Hallie Ephron (bless her heart) is rife with laughably improbable plot twists, and succeeded only in earning the next few books I read extra stars just for not being this one. 

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